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Practice.Legal is a law firm commited to uphold high professional standards at the level comparable to the UK standards. 

Practice.Legal is a law firm, comprising qualified lawyers whose education, experience and personal acheivements are proven and certified.


Endeavour to employ a Russian lawyer ? Want to complain in the UK if anything goes wrong ?

Practice.Legal is designed to maintain by its lawyers the best practice and accountability to their clients at the level compared with clients' protection in the UK.

Courthouse Steps
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Reviewing the Law


All our lawyers are subject to respective codes of conduct which require that they act professionally and in accordance with the best practice. If you feel one of our members is not acting in accordance with professional standards, you can make a complaint in the UK.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

All our lawyers are required to hold a sufficient Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) or be indemnified by their employers. Our lawyers are required to advise their client about the terms of their PII.


We aim that all our staff be sufficiently qualified and have the experience in the matters untrusted to us by our clients. Partners are our most qualified and experienced memebers. Associates are mid-level lawyers specializing in their field of expertise. All our lawyers are properly qualified and have necessary legal experience.



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Corporate and M&A

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Commercial and Finance


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